Guard Response
with RSPNDR 

L'Aquila has teamed up with RSPNDR to provide
the best possible guard response service in the industry.

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Guard Response vs Police Response

Police departments across the country have increasingly been deprioritizing response to alarm system dispatches due to the high percentage of false alarms generated by alarm security systems.  However, most false alarms are caused by user error and in some cases improper installation of detection devices by alarm system installers that are not properly trained.

As a result, most regional police forces have implemented expensive false alarm programs that impose expensive fines while lowering their response priority for alarm system dispatches and in some cases, they are not responding at all!

This lower priority means it may take police to respond beyond and acceptable timeframe and could potentially lead to a tragic situation in the event of an actual emergency.  However, the police will respond much more quickly if they have a verified break-in or emergency.

The importance of RSPNDR has never been more critical. You can now benefit from this new platform with faster response time, verified perimeter checks of your premises, and a detailed report complete with response times. 

Ease of Use

The RSPNDR app directly connects central station dispatching to mobile responders. One clik to dispatch, on tap to accept. RSPNDR locaates the closest mobile guard in seconds, directs them to the incident and facilitates the completion of a detailed report. all in real time.

How it Works


Monitoring Stations are able to dispatch at the click of a button and visually see when and where a responder accepts an alarm, is navigating, arrives onsite and completes a detailed report.

Guard Companies can track their responders' movements throughout an alarm response and see completed reports.


Suitable for all devices and screen sizes.

The app based GPS systgem means that the the RSPNDR service will find and dispatch the geographically closest guard responce vehicle. This new technology ensures the quickest possible responce for our clients.*


Responders will be offered alarms and can quickly accept, navigate and complete online reports with pictures for submission to both their Guard Company and the Monitoring Station.


Elaborated code and trendy design.

The new RSPNDR format will allow our station to dispatch alarms with the knowledge that every car can be located online. All alarm protecting your property become a higher priority then before with the standard police response. 


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